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How to Fix SD Card not Showing Up or Working?

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Dołączył: 20 Gru 2018
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Skąd: Bitwar Data Recovery

PostWysłany: Czw Gru 27, 2018 8:19 am    Temat postu: How to Fix SD Card not Showing Up or Working? Odpowiedz z cytatem

SD card not showing up or working on PC or your media device? Relax! In this article we will introduce effective ways to fix the error and recover the data from the SD Card if data loss happens.

When SD card not Showing Up or Working on Android phone or PC, it might mean that driver issue hides SD card, malware invades SD card or SD card is corrupted or not formatted properly. Here you can try some solutions to fix them.
Causes of SD card not recognized error
The SD card might be logically or physically damaged due to various factors. Here lists some common causes:

1. Connection issue.
2. SD card is locked.
3. Improper operation.
4. Drive letter is lost.
5. Corrupted driver.
6. Partition loss.
7. The SD card is physically damaged.
Solution 1: Test your SD card on another PC or card reader
Before trying all the following methods, please check firstly and make sure that the issue is not caused by a corrupted card reader or USB port. As to SD card, you need to test it on a different USB port, computer or a new card reader, which may lead to a connection issue.
Solution 2: Place SD card's lock switch in the "Unlock" position
Many SD cards have a mini physical switch on the edge of the card, and you can check if your SD card has such a switch. This switch is designed to make whether the card can be written or not. If the SD card is locked, you cannot access it.

Therefore, you should look for the tiny switch and make sure it in the "Unlock" position, then try your SD card again and see if it can be recognized.
Solution 3: Enable memory card reader in Device Manager
The card reader is enabled by default in Windows 10, but we can disable it and then enable again manually.

Step 1. Open Device Manager by right-clicking Start menu and selecting Device Manager from the menu list.
Step 2. Locate and expand category "Memory technology devices" and double-click the card reader.
Step 3. On the popped-up window, select Driver tab and click Disable button. Click Yes button when you prompted by message "Disabling this device will cause it to stop functioning.
Step 4. Double-click the card reader again to open Properties window and click "Enable Device" this time.

Solution 4: Reinstall SD card driver
Incorrect, missing, outdated or corrupted card reader driver is likely to lead to an unrecognized SD card, thus we can try reinstalling driver for the card reader and see if the SD card can be detected afterwards.

Step 1. Open Device Manager. Right-click on Computer icon from desktop and select Manage; click Device Manager on the "Computer Management" window.
Step 2. Expand "Memory technology devices" item and locate the card reader. Take down the brand and model of the card reader so that you can go to its website to download the latest driver.
Step 3. Right-click on the card reader and select "Uninstall device" option from context menu.
Step 4. Select "Delete the driver software for this device" option and click Uninstall button. Once the driver is removed, restart your computer.
Step 5. Download the latest driver from the card reader's website and install it in compatibility mode.
Solution 5: Assign / change drive letter for SD card
If the SD card you inserted to your computer does not have a drive letter, it won't show up in system. To solve this problem you can try assigning a new drive letter.

Step 1. Right-click Start button and select Disk Management from the menu list.
Step 2. Find the SD card in Disk Management and right-click it to choose "Change Drive Letter and Paths" from context menu.
Step 3. Click Change button from the popped-up menu, choose a drive letter from the drop-down list and click OK button. If the SD card does not have a drive letter, you should click Add button.

Solution 6: Remove SD card write-protection
As mentioned in the previous part, if SD card is set to be write-protected, then it cannot be recognized by computer. Then you can follow instruction here to remove write-protection.

Step 1. Access Device Manager. Press Windows key and R to launch Run window. The type devmgmt.msc in the box and click OK button.
Step 2. Locate and expand Disk Drives option and find out the SD card.
Step 3. Right-click on the card and choose Properties.
Step 4. If you can see an option related to write policy, turn off it and click OK. If you cannot see such an option under General tab, look for the option under Policies tab.
Solution 7: Remove virus or malware
1. Plug in your SD memory card to your computer.
2. Go to the start menu, type in "cmd" in a search bar, hit enter and then you can see something named "cmd. exe" under a list of programs.
3. Right-click "cmd. exe" and then you will get the command window that allows you to recover virus infected files. Type in "attrib -h -r -s /s /d drive letter:\*.*", for example, "attrib -h -r -s /s /d G:\*.*".
Solution 8: Format the SD card
If you have correctly backed up or restored the important data from the SD card, you can format your SD card to fix the SD Card not Showing Up on pc.

Step 1. Insert SD card Insert the SD card into your computer’s card slot, or use a USB card reader.
Step 2. Click on Start button Click on the Start or Windows button and then click on My Computer. Right-click on Format Right-click on the SD card icon and select Format from the drop-down menu.
Step 3. Select settings Select the format type, file size allocation, and name the card. Then hit Start or OK.
Step 4. Wait for the card to finish formatting before safely removing it from your computer or card reader.
Recover lost data from not showed up SD card
You may be concerned that some repair operations may delete important data on the SD card. So If the SD card cannot be accessed in Windows and contain important data such as photos, videos, audio files, etc. You should stop using the card and do not try any repairing actions like formatting, disk check, clear SD card, etc. and you should recover data from the SD card first.

When it comes to SD card recovery, we recommend that you use Bitwar Data Recovery to recover them. It is professional data recovery software to retrieve data from any inaccessible storage media with NTFS, FAT32, exFAT, Ext2, Ext3 and Ext4 file systems. Additionally, if the storage devices are not accessible and the file system of it shows raw (0 Byte) is displayed on the computer, you can also recover the data back easily.
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